The software

The CNRFID-CSL Privacy impact Assessment software is a technology sound solution that mitigates the risk inherent with manual privacy impact assessments. It follows all the process steps defined in EN 16571 in a straight forward manner that results in an accurate risk assessment of your RFID application. This will enable the RFID application to be re-assessed when there are changes to key features to the system either from within the enterprise or based on RFID technology.

Comply with EN 16571
EN 16571 specifies a process for undertaking an RFID Privacy Impact Assessment. This takes into account data encoded on the RFID tag or card, and the threats, vulnerabilities and countermeasures associated with the technology. This results in a risk value that needs to be reported to users.

Automate RFID Privacy Impact Assessments
All the processes in EN 16571 are covered by the software, enabling the RFID operator to produce a valid RFID Privacy Impact Assessment with input about the specific application, saving many hours of work and producing the highest quality results. Your PIA is confidential to your organisation and never seen by CNRFID-CSL.

Produce summary reports for users
In addition to the internal risk assessment analysis, the software also produces a summary, which needs to be publicly available as called for by EN 16571 and European Commission Recommendation on RFID.