The CNRFID, the French National RFID Center, and Convergent Software Ltd have formed a new partnership to meet the processes defined in EN 16571 and to develop a multilingual cost-effective software to evaluate privacy in RFID and NFC applications.

This is a true co-development merging the skills of CNRFID with its in-depth understanding of RFID technology, with the RFID software development skills of Convergent Software Ltd (CSL).

This software reduces the need for the end user to understand the details of RFID technology.
With the minimum of accurate end-user input about the application, the software fully compliant with EN 16571, will carry out :
– All the comparable risk assessment processes irrespective of the application and the RFID technology used,
– The internal reports to help the organisation improve the privacy features of the RFID application,
– The external summary reports that the European Commission expects for all new RFID applications.
The software is planned to be available in different languages to support end users meeting the formal European Recommendation for undertaking a privacy impact assessment on any RFID application.

The CNRFID was created by the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Employment to help in the development of RFID and NFC technology and to increase its usage in order to help both RFID solutions suppliers and RFID users. It aims at encouraging networking, solutions deployment and partnerships between providers, users, research laboratories and institutions. www.centrenational-rfid.com
Convergent Software Ltd
Convergent Software Limited is working at the leading edge of developing encoding and decoding software for RFID applications. Major markets include libraries and airline baggage handling, with products designed for system vendors and end user organizations. http://www.convergent-software.co.uk

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