Supported protocol

Currently supported protocols

The RFID PIA software supports a number of RFID air interface protocols. Those that are currently covered are listed below. If the RFID protocol used in your application is not covered, then contact with any details such as the RFID products that you are using. CNRFID-CSL is committed to progressively support as many RFID protocols as possible.

The list is presented in groups associated with the RFID frequency to help you identify the RFID protocol that you use. Then the list shows different protocols and sometimes alternative names of that protocol. Once you have identified the RFID protocol, click on the link in the first column, and you will be directed to a purchase order form. Note, if you have multiple RFID applications using different RFID protocols, you will be re-directed to this page to select another protocol.

13,56 MHz

 Main Name Alternative names
ISO / IEC 15693 ISO / IEC 18000 – 3 Mode 1
Any specific part of ISO / IEC 15693
Just using ‘ISO’ or even just using the number
Others – still in development  

860 to 960 MHz
– also known as UHF

 Main Name Alternative names
ISO / IEC 18000 – 63 ISO / IEC 18000 – 6 type C
GS1 EPC global UHF C1 Gen 2
GS1 EPC Gen 2 V2
Any abbreviation of the names above
Others – still in development

125 kHz to 135 kHz
Sorry. This is still in development.

433 MMz
Sorry. This is still in development.

2,45 GHz
Sorry. This is still in development.