NEWSLETTER #4 « Who will be under the spotlight »

1EN 16571:2014 Information technology – RFID privacy impact assessment process published by 33 countries across Europe. This was the final step in the European Commission’s Recommendation on RFID privacy. The standard covers all RFID protocols and applications. The European Commission has stated that access control, smart cards, contactless payment and Near Field Communication are all to be considered as RFID.

2The RFID PIA process is a series of defined steps. Identifying the threats, vulnerabilities and countermeasures can be a problem for a non-expert, given the different protocols and RFID products that can be used. The RFID privacy impact assessment software solves to problem in a technically sound and economic way. The CNRFID-CSL software has been developed by experts who worked on the development of the standard. The software is not only fully compliant with EN 16571, but is a cost-effective option to purchasing the standard and then spending days trying to understand all the technical details.


These sample screen shots show the level of sophistication of the software in the way it presents threats and countermeasures based on the application, the layers in the RFID system, the RFID protocol, and even the specific RFID products being used.


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