International RFID Congress: European Recommendation and Standardization

The European Standardization work on Privacy and Public Awareness
During this round table, experts involved in the standardization bodies explain the work that has been done these last 10 years. RFID (including contactless smart cards and NFC) stakeholders have now all the required tools to build trust between operators and citizens: a European Recommendation and two European Standards. A first standard deals with public awareness, signage, emblem and additional information. A second one explains how to implement a Privacy Impact Assessment. This standard will be taken as a basis for the definition of Data Protection Impact Assessment that will be required by the forthcoming European Data Protection Regulation.

The European Recommendation on RFID applications
In this video, Gerald Santucci, Head of Unit “Knowledge Sharing” at the European Commission, explains the genesis of the European RFID Recommendation. He presents the concept of the PIA (Privacy Impact Assessment) and how this tool can help the operator to set up mitigation measures that protect personal data and privacy. Gerald Santucci stresses the point that this “soft law” has been endorsed by both industrial and citizen’s representatives. Today, two new standards help the RFID operators to comply with the Recommendation (EN16570 on RFID signage and public awareness and EN16571 on PIA methodology).